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Managed SAP on cloud

Accelerate innovation adoption through the cloud

SAP Cloud Application Services allows you to create data-driven, tested, and secure solutions for any deployment model.

SAP Cloud Application Services allows customers to adopt the most recent SAP technology at lower costs and complexity. We provide proactive application management services that produce focused business results. We can help you run your best on any deployment model.
You can run your solutions on any platform cost-effectively
Continuous innovation is key to your solutions and processes
Quickly test and implement the latest SAP innovations.
Real-time insights can be gained by integrating and optimizing data
Increase application security and reduce risk

SAP Cloud Peering:

Connect to SAP solutions using leading interconnection providers

The SAP Cloud Peering service can help you expand your cloud interconnection network. You can establish a direct connection between your SAP solution and one of the other providers to minimize delays and protect your data. You get:
Private connections are secure and reliable
No routing complications and guaranteed latency
Simple networking with one connection to multiple clouds including AWS, Azure, and SAP.
There are no traffic, usage, or over-provisioning costs

SAP Customer Experience Services:

Start SAP Customer Experience solutions deployment on the right track to success immediately

SAP Customer Experience Services offers the ability to manage every stage of your project, from planning and implementation through operations.
Work closely with your implementation partner and in-house team.
Enhance project quality from beginning to end.
To reduce project risk, enforce best practices.
You can use services as a package or individually, and you can combine them with project priming methods.

Take a look at our offerings

SAP Cloud Application Services:

Our managed IT services can help you deploy, manage, monitor, and improve SAP solutions investments on any platform.

SAP Cloud Peering:

Our managed IT services can help you deploy, manage, monitor, and improve SAP solutions investments on any platform.

SAP Customer Experience Services:
SAP Customer Experience Services will help you manage every stage of your project from planning to implementation and operations.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud:
SAP S/4HANA’s full potential can be realized with a secure, private and comprehensive cloud infrastructure, as well as a set of managed services.

SAP Preferred Success:
Access resources to reduce complexity, such as cloud solutions that can be quickly adopted, role-based learning, and better incident handling.

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