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Companies in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry have been under pressure to innovate, adapt, and meet the challenges. The need for optimized efficiency in both components and business processes leaves no room for error. There is a consistent increase in service demand with ever-evolving data points, high-level security, and cost challenges that make it inevitable for companies to move to the latest digital technologies.


Improve A&D OEM's Operations By Designing Advanced IT Solutions

Charter Engineering in the Aerospace and Defence industries is at the forefront of technological research and innovation. Our extensive industry experience helps clients to apply to exponentially emerging technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Hybrid cloud, and Blockchain which helps them to become leaders in the Aerospace and Defence industries of the future.

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Product design & engineering in Aerospace & Defence
Integrated program planning & execution
Verification management

A&D's momentum is fundamentally changing the way they serve clients, collaborate with partners, and bring ideas to market.

Here are some of the key challenges faced by the Aerospace and Defence industry

Global Integration:

The challenge for companies will be to move towards global integration in engineering collaboration, operations collaboration, logistics, infrastructure, national regulations and taxes, and competitor companies.

Profitability & Cost Pressures:

Industry profitability is being affected by rising costs for raw materials and other inputs. To remain financially viable, companies must look at ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Increasing raw material demand will increase margin pressure, which will lead to increased costs for aerospace companies

Better Program & Project Management:

Businesses with complex matrices and autonomous business units have difficulty integrating efficiencies across their enterprise due to cultural and organizational barriers. In the aerospace and defense industry, customers are demanding better programs and project execution.

Talent Management:

A&D organizations need to have the best science, technology, and engineering talent in order to sustain future growth. This is compounded by the fact a large number of skilled workers are rapidly reaching retirement age, which means that aerospace and defense companies will face a shortage of experience and knowledge. Workstreams attracting and retaining talent is increasingly seen as a key strategic challenge.

01Optimize Supply chain transparency through Charter Engineering

Charter Engineering helps you to optimize your connections and increase visibility throughout the supply chain. We digitize and automate B2B transactions within your digital business network.

02When it comes to complex product development, Charter Engineering is the right partner

We assist you in implementing an end-to-end solution for your product and software development lifecycle. This makes it easier for multiple work streams to be coordinated and allows all parties to collaborate and communicate with each other, including suppliers.

03Optimize your workflow with Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Charter Engineering helps you reduce risk and increase efficiency by incorporating analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence into your operations.