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Managed cloud services provide partial or full control over a client’s cloud platform. This includes migration and optimization. A managed cloud service provider can help a company ensure that its cloud resources are running efficiently by ensuring they are properly managed. Businesses can also outsource cloud management to save on training and new hires.

Managed cloud services are available in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. It is possible to work with managed cloud service providers collaboratively. The managed cloud service provider evaluates the data and applications of the user to determine the best cloud resources. They will then create a customized plan that outlines the steps required to create and maintain an optimized cloud environment.

Managed cloud services can cover a wide range of IT tasks. They include engineering on-demand and operations management. 24/7 help desk support is available, as well as hosting and implementation. These tasks can be outsourced to trusted partners, allowing your IT teams to focus more on complex projects and efforts to drive new business results.

Cloud users adopt managed services all through the lifecycle. These services can be used as a guide or are offered continuously.


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Imagine a future where IT infrastructure can not only anticipate and respond to future business needs, but also protect and restore them when necessary.

Charter Engineering’s IT infrastructure management services provide a wealth of experience, talents, and tools to help you build, deploy and manage the next generation of IT infrastructure. We also have a good track record of successful delivery, customer satisfaction, and innovative solutions.

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At Charter Engineering, we help accelerate cloud migration across enterprises and blend business objectives and infrastructure components to determine the best roadmap for cloud execution.

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We provide top-quality, reliable, and secure infrastructure services in all on-premise, private, or public clouds environments. We leverage AI and automation to increase year-on-year cost efficiencies.

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Charter Engineering can help you monitor end-user devices, software usage on cloud solutions, and provide valuable insights through data accumulation, remediation, and prediction.